An Update from Signal CEO on our System Upgrades

UPDATE as of July 19, 2023: We have completed our system upgrades. Please visit our Recent Changes webpage for more information.

This weekend, Signal Financial underwent a system upgrade to provide you with a seamless and efficient banking and lending experience. We closed our credit union from Friday afternoon through yesterday to complete this upgrade and test our new systems before re-opening to our membership.

At this time, I am pleased to report that our system upgrade is nearly complete and our digital membership support team, branches, and teller phone are available to support you and your banking needs.

Upgrades to our online banking platform are currently underway and we anticipate that our members will be able to log into their online banking accounts later today. We apologize for this delay and recognize the inconvenience that this has caused. Our team is working as quickly as possible to re-instate online banking, while diligently ensuring that all information in the system is accurate. We plan to alert you as soon as online banking is available.

Your account information can be accessed by calling Signal directly at (301) 933-9100, via our automated phone line at (800) 447-8997, or by visiting your local Signal branch. In addition, a complete overview of the impact of our system upgrade is available on our website.

Thank you for your ongoing support of Signal Financial.


Francois Verleysen
CEO, Signal Financial