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Protecting Our Members from Fraud and Identity Theft

At Signal, we’re committed to ensuring account privacy and security with the following methods:

  • SSL encryption on our online banking platform
  • Encryption on webpages collecting sensitive information
  • Digital ID option to verify your identification via our mobile app
  • Two-factor authentication to verify your identity
  • Ongoing monitoring of accounts for suspicious activity

Keeping You Informed

Ensuring you know how to spot fraud—and how to report it to us!—is another way we seek to prevent fraud and theft. Remember:

  • We will not contact you via email or phone to verify or request account numbers, PINs, or other security information
  • If the website you’re visiting does not have an SSL connection, then it isn’t Signal Financial!
    • To check this, click on the lock icon on your browser and it will display information from “Let’s Encrypt” related to the security certificate that protects this site. You can click for further certificate details, as well as verify the Certification Path
  • Use caution when selecting your PIN number and password
  • Be cautious about revealing account numbers, Social Security, or Tax ID numbers, and other private information to other persons
  • Never send out sensitive information via e-mail or respond to an email with this information
  • Protect your account numbers, card numbers, PINs, and passwords
  • Never send out sensitive information or answer unsolicited requests for sensitive information via US Mail
  • Do not email confidential information to the credit union using your personal email accounts

Think you have been a victim of fraud or that your Signal accounts have been compromised?

Be Vigilant to Identity Theft

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