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Signal Smart™ Share Certificates

Take savings into your own hands.

With terms ranging from 6 to 60 months, Signal Smart Share Certificates allow you to save your way for what lies in the distant – and not-so-distant – future.

  • $5 one-time membership share
  • $500 minimum to open
  • Fixed dividend rate no matter how the market fluctuates
  • Option to extend your term by 6 months or more
  • Knowing you’ve moved from saver to investor

12 Months | 5.127% APY1


Term Amount to Open Dividend Rate APY1
6 Months $500 3.50% 3.562%
12 Months $500 5.00% 5.127%
24 Months $500 4.70% 4.812%
36 Months $500 4.24% 4.331%
48 Months $500 4.185% 4.268%
60 Months $500 4.11% 4.195%

Extend Your Term

Want to keep the extra savings coming? Extend your share certificate term by six months or more at the prevailing rate.

Signal Snapshot

Want a quick view of your monthly earnings without the hassle of logging in? Signal Snapshot on our mobile app lets you see your account balances. So you can have a quick check without taking time out of your day.

Bank Easier, Bank Faster, and Bank Better with Signal

At Signal, we want to empower you to take ownership of your financial journey. Learn more about our Member Perks and how we can help you be Signal Smart about your finances.

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