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Meet Signal Financial Federal Credit Union

At Signal Financial, we want you to not just be smart – but Signal Smart™ – about your finances. That’s why our members have trusted us for more than 76 years to serve as their financial partner, supporting them along their entire financial journey.


To enable you to make smart financial decisions, for today and tomorrow, by building stronger relationships and smarter solutions to bank easier, bank faster, and bank better.


Empowering you to take ownership of your financial journey.

Core Values

Our Core Values are just that – Signal’s fundamental principles that guide our actions, decisions, and behaviors in everything we do as an organization, and for the members and communities we serve.

Service Excellence

We’re in the business of service, and we believe in delivering quality, personalized care with every interaction.

People First

Our credit union isn’t about accounts, it’s about the people behind them. We’re invested in helping our members understand their finances and supporting them through good times and bad times, because we recognize that everyone deserves a committed partner to assist them on their financial journey.


We’re focused on the future—for our credit union and our members. With our emphasis on the enhanced digital member experience, we are bringing quality banking to you. Because we recognize that you’re not just thinking about finances today, you’re also focused on your finances for tomorrow.

Impact Driven

At Signal, everything we do is about making an impact – for our company, our employees, and most importantly on the lives of our members and the local community.


Chartered in 1947 as the Washington Telephone Federal Credit Union by a group of telephone company workers, our credit union was formed to help people seeking a better financial alternative and to improve the quality of their financial lives. While much has changed since 1947 – including our name! – the mission of our credit union remains true to this day.

In 2007, the Washington Telephone Federal Credit Union officially became Signal Financial Federal Credit Union to be more inclusive of the many diverse businesses in our field of membership, in addition to our founding telephone company group.

Signal Financial has grown to more than $400 million in assets serving over 23,000 members. Our credit union also encompasses 250+ small to medium-sized companies, as well as individuals who live, work, worship, or attend school in Washington, DC or Prince George’s County, MD (inside the beltway). Select employer groups are also eligible to join the credit union.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We believe that everyone deserves to feel confident in their financial decisions and should have access to financial solutions that will empower them to take ownership of their financial journey. At Signal, our diverse members, team members, and partners are what drives our organization forward. Our workplace is one of inclusivity, ensuring that everyone feels welcomed, supported, and heard.

Volunteer Leadership

Signal Financial is owned and operated by members who share a common bond through employer or geographic affiliation, and governed by volunteers who are elected by members to serve on the board.

Andrew Mekelburg,


Jonathan Morrison,

Vice Chair

Mary McCormick,


Frank Qualls,


Mark Fieni,


Laura Groat,


Tammy Jeffers,


M. Eileen Booker,

Director Emeritus

Join the credit union committed to helping you be Signal Smart about your finances.

Bank easier, bank faster, and bank better with Signal Financial Federal Credit Union.
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