Tips On Saving Money in College

For the majority of students, college is the first time when you’re living on your own and away from your support system. Rising tuition costs and living expenses make it challenging for students financially. Nevertheless, with the right attitude and discipline there are many ways to avoid going broke while enjoying your college years. Here are some tips on how to save your coins while in college.

Don’t buy new textbooks

Textbooks can be very expensive. Before you go to the campus bookstore, see if you can borrow books from a fellow student or from the university library. 

Don’t own a car

Parking, gas, insurance, and car maintenance  can add up to a hefty amount. Use public transit, borrow a friend’s car, or use a Zipcar if you need to travel a long distance.

Don’t be careless with credit cards

If you do get a credit card, choose one with the lowest interest rate and only charge what you can afford to pay off in full each month.

Keep Track Of The Best Happy Hours And Restaurant Promos

If you are going out to eat, save money when you do. Take note of all the best happy hours and restaurant promos near campus, and sort by day.

Apply For Scholarships And Grants

You can apply for scholarships and grants every year throughout college. Given that many scholarships go unclaimed, if you dedicate some time to applying, you could find yourself getting a lot of money to pay for school.

-Written by James Fleet