Maybe you should consider an electric vehicle

As recent events have driven the price of gasoline to record numbers, now more than ever is one of the best times to look for alternatives.

In the past, many electric and hybrid vehicles were unreasonably priced; however due to car manufacturers shifting their focus to more renewable energy, it has significantly lowered the price. In today’s market the lowest priced electric car, being a Nissan Leaf, starts at only $27,400 and $19,900 using the federal incentive.

The federal incentive is a tax credit offered by the government to incentivize people into buying green energy cars. Additionally, states like DC, Maryland and Virginia have their own incentives to further encourage the movement to renewable energy.  

To discover the incentives your state offers visit the Alternative Fuels Data Center.

The federal government is also emphasizing their focus towards advancing  dependence on electric vehicles by providing $5 billion for states to expand their charging station networks.

In 2018, the University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute found that the average cost to fuel an electric car was $485 a year, compared to their gasoline counterparts at $1,117. Now more than ever is crucial to search for savings at every corner.

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-Written by Dehuris Mateo

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