From the Teller Line: Money Managing Tips During the Pandemic

Due to the uncertainty that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused in our lives, budgeting has become a major priority along with staying safe and healthy. While you may end up utilizing more of your credit card limits than normal, you want to avoid accumulating too much additional debt and long-term financial damage. Taking some simple steps to manage your money can give you a better grip on your finances during this time.

Below are some tips that can help you manage your finances.

  • Develop a budget- Making a monthly budget will show you exactly where your money is going. Personal budgeting involves three basic steps; track what you earn and what you spend, work to keep the second number lower than the first and thirdly, repeat. 
  • Cancel any nonessential subscriptions, memberships, and services- Cutting out nonessential spending can free up additional funds. For those services that you simply can’t live without, click here to view how you may be able to save some money.
  • Ask for help- If you qualify, apply for unemployment or other assistance programs. Plus, many companies and lenders are allowing people to defer payments until they resume earning income to keep accounts in good standing and avoid damage to credit score.
  • Look for ways to earn additional income- Be on the lookout for opportunities that will add a few extra bucks to your pocket. Look into driving for ride sharing apps or takeout delivery apps such as AmazonPostmates, or Shipt. More times than not, you can begin earning within 2-3 days, and you can cash out your earnings immediately to pay bills and add to your savings account.
  • Remain calm– Keep reminding yourself, that this current situation we’re in is not forever. Things will look up eventually and return to some sort of normalcy. In the meantime, remain calm and avoid acting out of desperation.

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-Written by James Fleet, Member Relationship Specialist