FRAUD ALERT: Phishing Scam Uses Signal Name

KENSINGTON, MD—Reports have come in that Signal Financial FCU’s name and toll-free number (800-447-8997) are being used in a phishing scam.

The scammers are masking their phone number to make it appear as if they are calling from Signal’s 800 number. This phone number is for Signal’s automated phone system.

The scammers are targeting non-members over the phone and telling them they have been pre-approved for a loan with Signal Financial FCU; then they attempt to unlawfully gather the person’s personal information.

In one instance when the non-member refused to provide information the scammer became verbally aggressive.

If you receive a call from a suspected scammer, do not give them your personal information, especially an account number or Social Security Number.

If you or someone you know mistakenly provide a Social Security Number or other personal information that can possibly be used to open an account or apply for a loan, do not hesitate to contact the credit bureau to put a lock on their credit report, they can also contact ChexSystem to advise they are a victim of identity theft.

In addition, please check this: Helpful guide from ChexSystem for I.D. theft.