2018 Annual Meeting Announcement

The 2018 Annual Meeting will be held on April 26, 2017, at our Kensington, MD headquarters.

Each year, Signal Financial Federal Credit Union (Signal Financial) holds an Annual Meeting in accordance with our bylaws in order to:

  1. Update members on the status and health of their credit union;
  2. Review old and address new business items; and
  3. Announce newly elected or re-elected volunteers to serve on the Board of Directors.

Board Of Directors Election

Each year, and in accordance with National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) election procedures, Signal Financial’s Board of Directors appoints a Nominating Committee to administer the election for open Board positions. For the 2018 Election, there will be three (3) incumbent positions under consideration.

The Nominating Committee will be accepting applications from members to fill these openings. This formal communication to all Signal Financial members is the first step in the annual election process. At a minimum, candidates must:

  1. Be a current member, at least 21 years of age and in good standing with Signal Financial;
  2. Have served on Signal Financial Supervisory Committee or have other similar previous credit union experience; and
  3. Be able to be bonded through the credit union’s insurance company.

To obtain an application, please send your written request to:
Mike Harris, Chair
Nominating Committee
3015 University Blvd., West
Kensington, MD 20895

To qualify, all applications must be fully completed and received no later than November 20, 2017. The Nominating Committee will review all submissions and nominate applicants based upon their qualifications. Any candidate not selected to run by the Nominating Committee has the option of running by petition by obtaining the authorized signatures of one percent (1%) of the total Signal Financial membership (225 as of 6/30/17). For the purpose of verification, these authorized signatures must be accompanied by the member’s printed name and address. Nominations by Petition must be received no later than February 12, 2018.


Volunteers seeking to become a Director at Signal Financial should meet the following qualifications:

  • Ability to set direction and envision long-term strategies that will help achieve credit union goals;
  • Awareness & understanding of the needs & concerns of our members;
  • Ability and desire to encourage new members to join Signal Financial;
  • Knowledge of the local & national economy;
  • Ability and willingness to volunteer significant time and knowledge to Signal Financial; and
  • Ability and willingness to serve as a cohesive member of a high-performance team.