Delay Interest Payments with a 0% APR Balance Transfer

As Congress passes a $2 trillion COVID-19 emergency bill, feelings of economic uncertainty among many Americans persist.   If you are looking for ways to keep money in your pocket, then delay paying interest for 6 months with a balance transfer to your Signal Financial credit card.   Signal credit card holders get a 0% APR1 balance transfer1 […]

5 reasons to add beneficiaries to your accounts

It’s important to have your finances in order while you’re living, but it’s just as important to have things prepared for your spouse, children and/or loved ones. Having your finances in place for the unexpected includes adding beneficiaries to your accounts. A beneficiary is an individual that receives a benefit, which is typically a monetary […]

housing market interest rates low Interest Rates Are Near 0%, How Does This Affect Mortgages?

How are mortgages affected by the Federal Reserve cutting its target interest rate to next to nothing? The Sunday announcement by the Fed brings the federal funds rate to between 0% and 0.25% and was designed to stimulate the economy by making it more affordable for everyday people to borrow money for buying a first home, refinancing to […]

contactless pay shopping kiosk Your Digital Wallet: A Safer Way to Shop

    Using a digital wallet in this day and age is a safer way to shop in more ways than one, especially with growing global health concerns surrounding coronavirus.   For starters, you don’t have to touch anything at a kiosk when checking out to pay for goods or services. All you have to […]