How-To Guide: ATM Check Deposits

We know it’s a challenging time for all of us and it’s even more of an uphill battle for those who have been delaying the use of ATM technology in favor of depositing checks in person. 

Below is a step-by-step guide. Print it out and take it with you to the ATM.


STEP 1: Enter your debit card as shown below.


STEP 2: Enter your PIN using the numeric keypad located below the screen, then press enter.

STEP 3: Select whether  you would like to view your account balance prior to selecting your transaction type. For this guide, we have selected “No.”

STEP 4: Next, select deposit.

STEP 5: Select the account where you want to make the deposit.

NOTE: Provided funds are available following the deposit, you may conduct a separate transaction following the completion of the deposit to transfer funds to another account if you’d like to split the funds.

STEP 6: Select “Checks.” If you have both cash and checks, then complete your check deposit and start a new one. You can’t deposit both cash and checks within one transaction.

STEP 7: The ATM will now illuminate green in the area where you can insert one or multiple checks (up to 50 at one time). Insert the check(s) as shown below.

STEP 8: Confirm the check total and press “Complete Transaction.”

NOTE: If the total doesn’t appear to be correct, you can hit “edit” on the numeric keypad below the screen. Be prepared to enter the check amount if the check is not legible.

STEP 9: If you selected the option for a receipt, be sure to grab the receipt when it prints. Note, the receipt includes an image of the check.

STEP 10: To complete your transaction, select “Return Card” if you are done using the ATM or “Another Transaction” if you’d like to conduct a new transaction.

If you select “Return Your Card”, be sure to take your card out of the machine.

Press the play button below to watch a video of the step-by-step process on how to make ATM check deposits.