New Online Banking FAQs

Logging In

Existing Users of Online Banking

Users that currently have an online or mobile account will need to download the new online banking application (Signal Financial FCU) via the app store. Your username will still be the same, but you will need to create a new password. 

The following steps will show you how to login and reset your password:

1) Enter your current online banking username and password in the login area. The login screen may look slightly different. Click login.

2) Complete multi-factor authentication using current cellphone number.

3) Create a new password, confirm, and continue. Confirm your personal information. Click continue.

4) Read the terms and conditions of the online and mobile banking agreement, and check if you agree. Click continue.

5) View your accounts to begin using the new online banking system.

New Users of Online Banking

If you are not currently a user or have not used online or mobile banking with us in the last year, you will need to click the “Login” button on our website or mobile app and then select “Register New Account.”

Multiple Accounts

If you have multiple accounts with Signal, you will now be able to see them all under one login. Login to our updated online banking system by selecting forgot username.

Set Up Alerts

Set up account alerts to monitor account activity:

Desktop: Login >Tools > Alerts

After logging in, select the Tools option.

After clicking on Alerts, members have the ability to select what options they would like to receive alerts for.

Mobile: More > Tools > Alerts

After logging in, select More at the bottom.

In the More section, choose the Tools option.

In the tools section, select Alerts.

Bill Pay

Bill Pay will be unavailable from 5:00pm Monday, October 3rd through 1:00pm Tuesday, October 4th 

During this time period, payments cannot be viewed or scheduled via Bill Pay. 

Previously scheduled payments will not be affected

Any payments scheduled prior to October 3rd or any payments scheduled to be paid during the blackout period will process as normal.

New payments or modifications to existing payments will be unavailable

Adding new payments or modifications to existing scheduled payments will need to take place prior to October 3rd. Additions and changes to payments cannot be made during the blackout period.

Existing payees and future scheduled payments will transfer to the new system

Once we have completed the upgrade and the blackout period concludes, existing payees and scheduled payments will remain unaffected. We do recommend that Bill Pay users confirm the accuracy of payees and delete any payees that are no longer valid prior to October 3rd.

External Transfers

All external accounts will still be available. Scheduled external account transfers will need to be re-established.