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Turn a card on or off, determine what kind of transactions can be made with it, and set up push notifications and alerts.


Available on all of Signal’s new Visa credit cards issued after October 1, 2017, Card Lock is a free app that adds more ways to manage your Signal credit cards and help prevent fraudulent transactions should you lose your card. It can be downloaded to Apple or Android phones.

Turn your credit card on or off
Use the Block feature to turn a card on or off — for instance, if you accidentally leave your card at a restaurant, you can turn it off using Card Lock until you’re able to recover your card. Once you’ve recovered it, you can turn the card back on instantly through the app. If you have more than one Signal credit card, you can block them individually or you can choose to block all cards at once, say if you lose your wallet.

Set controls on how your card can be used
Use the Controls feature to create rules for your card. For example, you can cause online transactions or international transaction to be declined. Or you can have any transaction greater than an amount you set — say $500 — to be declined. You can even set the states where your card will work, so it will be declined outside of those states.

Create alerts to be notified of card activity
Use the Alerts feature to create notifications for yourself whenever certain activities occur on your card: transactions above a certain amount, an online transaction, etc. These can be sent as push notifications to your smartphone, as text messages, or as emails, or any combination of these methods.


Please note!

If you know that your card has been lost or stolen, call to report it so the card can be canceled and a new one issued. Blocking it in Card Lock is a temporary measure, not a permanent solution to a lost or stolen card. Lost or stolen credit cards can be reported by calling 800-449-7728.

How to Download Card Lock


1. Tap the App Store icon on your iPhone.
2. Tap the Search button and search for Card Lock.
3. Tap Card Lock and then Install. When the installation is complete, Card Lock is ready for use.

1. Tap the Play Store icon on your Android phone.
2. Tap the Google Play Search bar located at the top of the screen and search for Card Lock.
3. Tap Card Lock and then Install. Tap Accept if prompted. When the installation is complete, Card Lock is ready for use.

How to use Card Lock


The many features of Card Lock are easy to use. Follow our step-by-step guide to add cards, set up your communications preferences, create alerts, and block or unblock cards.

Card Lock Quick Guide

Frequently asked questions about Card Lock


Q: What are Member Alerts?
A: Member Alerts are preferences that allow you to setup when an email, text, or push notification message will alert you for certain card activities.

Q: What are Controls?
A: Controls are preferences that allow you to setup when a transaction should be allowed, or should be declined/blocked. They allow you to manually block all transactions on a card, or setup specific rules and scenarios on which types of transactions are allowed to be made.

Q: What’s the benefit?
A: Card Lock and Member Alerts and Controls give cardholders full visibility and control over their card accounts. Not only can you be alerted to activity in real time, but you can completely prevent certain purchases from occurring or block your entire card all together.

Q: I forgot my PIN for Card Lock
A: The Card Lock app should allow you to reset your PIN from the app itself. If that doesn’t work, please try deleting the app and reinstalling it from the app store to create a new PIN. You will have to reauthenticate your cards if you do this. There is no admin tool for manually resetting a member’s PIN.

Q: I deleted Card Lock but I still receive Alerts
A: Deleting Card Lock won’t actually disable the alerts you’ve attached to your account. Please redownload the app, reauthenticate your card, select the previous nickname you gave it, and you should then be able to manually disable the alert from there. Likewise, a member also can “Delete Registration” by removing their card from the app. This will eliminate all previously set Alerts and Controls tied to the account.

Q: I’ve added an account, now what?
A: The first thing a user should do after authenticating a card is to add their destinations from the Destination Management page. Destinations are the emails or SMS numbers that will be used when an alert is triggered. If a user does not set these up, they will still receive any Alerts they activate within the “My Alerts” in-app notifications page.

Q: I can’t receive SMS Alerts.
A: When adding a phone number as a destination, Card Lock should then send the user a text which they must then verify by replying back “YES.” If a user does not verify a phone number, it will not be eligible to receive future Alerts.

Q: I should have received an Alert but I didn’t
A: As with any communication app reliant on 3rd party email services and SMS services, occasionally a message may get lost in transit. While this is not a common occurrence, a user should check their spam settings or service connection on their phone if it ever occurs, as the Alert most likely generated but was not received properly by their email or SMS provider.