Card Lock

One more tool to keep your credit cards secure

Turn a card on or off, determine what kind of transactions can be made with it, and set up push notifications and alerts.

Available on all of Signal’s new Visa credit cards issued after October 1, 2017, Card Lock is a free app that adds more ways to manage your Signal credit cards and help prevent fraudulent transactions should you lose your card. It can be downloaded to Apple or Android phones.

Turn your credit card on or off
Use the Block feature to turn a card on or off — for instance, if you accidentally leave your card at a restaurant, you can turn it off using Card Lock until you’re able to recover your card. Once you’ve recovered it, you can turn the card back on instantly through the app. If you have more than one Signal credit card, you can block them individually or you can choose to block all cards at once, say if you lose your wallet.

Set controls on how your card can be used
Use the Controls feature to create rules for your card. For example, you can cause online transactions or international transaction to be declined. Or you can have any transaction greater than an amount you set — say $500 — to be declined. You can even set the states where your card will work, so it will be declined outside of those states.

Create alerts to be notified of card activity
Use the Alerts feature to create notifications for yourself whenever certain activities occur on your card: transactions above a certain amount, an online transaction, etc. These can be sent as push notifications to your smartphone, as text messages, or as emails, or any combination of these methods.

Please note!

If you know that your card has been lost or stolen, call to report it so the card can be canceled and a new one issued. Blocking it in Card Lock is a temporary measure, not a permanent solution to a lost or stolen card. Lost or stolen credit cards can be reported by calling 800-449-7728.