Cash Management

We offer a variety of Cash Management Services to help you manage money, so you can concentrate on growing your business. With the help of our Cash Management solutions, you’ll be able to minimize effort and maximize efficiencies while capitalizing on opportunities to reach your strategic business goals.

Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)

Remote Deposit Capture is a system with the ability to process both high- or low-volume deposits.

  • This system can be utilized by almost any commercial entity, including online business members accepting checks as a form of payment
  • Subscribers can speed up posting and payment (and avoid a trip to the branch) by using a check scanner to convert paper checks into electronic transactions
  • It can all be done from your desktop

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Services

EFT Services offer our business members the ability to initiate ACH batches and transmit outbound wires.

  • ACH is an electronic financial network for processing large/small volumes of credit and debit transactions by batches
  • Wires are a method of Electronic Funds Transfer from one person or financial institution account to another
  • Wires can also be made from one bank account to another
  • Conveniently transfer funds from the comfort of your own office

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