Business Accounts

Make your money work for you

From basic checking or short-term and long-term savings, to an array of specialty options, our business accounts will put your hard-earned money to work for you.

Person reviewing their business account information

Basic Business Checking

Our most popular business account today, this is ideal for the smaller business with low monthly transactions. It requires no minimum balance, and you can open your account with just $100 plus a one-time $5 membership share.

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Analysis Checking

Have a very robust transaction volume? This could be the account for you. Created for businesses whose monthly transactions exceed 500 items, this account can be opened for as little as $500 plus a one-time $5 membership share. A monthly earnings credit will offset any fees and costs incurred.

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Business Money Market

Maximize your dollars with this account designed for business customers wishing to earn a higher dividend rate on their daily collected balance. Open an account today with $2,500 plus a one-time $5 membership share.

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Business Savings Account

The perfect account to make your money work while it’s accumulating, a Business Savings Account earns dividends for both non-profit and for-profit business members.

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Business Share Certificates

A productive way to earn dividends when time is on your side, a Business Share Certificate will help you add to your capital reserves. This account offers a variety of flexible options so you can to manage your-long term savings, your way1.

One Time Penalty-Free Withdrawal
Need more money unexpectedly? Access your money with a one-time penalty free withdrawal option. With the ability to withdrawal of up to 50% of the balance, you could have the peace of mind of accessing your money when you need it most2.

Extend Your Term
Take advantage of the prevailing rate when you extend your term by six (6) months or more3—this allows more time to build your investment to meet its maximum potential.

Open a Business Share Certificate today for just $500 plus a one-time $5 membership share.

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Cash Management Services

We offer a variety of Cash Management Services to help you manage money, so you can concentrate on growing your business. With the help of our Cash Management solutions, you’ll be able to minimize effort and maximize efficiencies … while capitalizing on opportunities to reach your strategic business goals.

Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)
Remote Deposit Capture is a system with the ability to process both high- or low-volume deposits.

  • This system can be utilized by almost any commercial entity, including online business members accepting checks as a form of payment
  • Subscribers can speed up posting and payment (and avoid a trip to the branch) by using a check scanner to convert paper checks into electronic transactions
  • It can all be done from your desktop

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Services
EFT Services offer our business members the ability to initiate ACH batches and transmit outbound wires.

  • ACH is an electronic financial network for processing large/small volumes of credit and debit transactions by batches
  • Wires are a method of Electronic Funds Transfer from one person or financial institution account to another
  • Wires can also be made from one bank account to another
  • Conveniently transfer funds from the comfort of your own office

Once you’ve signed up for EFT Services, access your account here. (Please note, you MUST use this link to access EFT Services.)

To learn more about our accounts and services, email

For more information, please dial 301-933-9100, ext. 298, or email our Digital Member Support Department at

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Signal Financial FCU Commercial Fee Schedule

1 Additional deposits to a certificate must be conducted at a Signal Financial FCU branch or with the Digital Member Support Department.

2 Optional, onetime penalty-free withdrawal of up to 50% of your balance. Share certificate holds may reduce the amount available for withdrawal. If you elect to apply the option and your withdrawal amount exceeds 50% of the balance, the amount above 50% is subject to an early withdrawal penalty. Other withdrawals may be subject to an early withdrawal penalty. Penalties and withdrawals may reduce earnings.

3 To qualify for a term extension, the new term must extend the remaining term by at least six (6) months. The extended certificate will receive the prevailing dividend rate for the new term. Additional deposits to a certificate must be conducted at a Signal Financial FCU branch or with the Digital Member Support Department.

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