Share Certificates

Enhancements to our share certificates offer flexibility to manage your long-term savings, your way — new features available on new and existing share certificates.1

Signal Financial Share Certificates are now better than ever—with as little as $500 to open and a variety of flexible options to choose from, you can be on your way to building long-term financial security.  

One Time Penalty-Free Withdrawal

Need more money unexpectedly? Access your money with a one-time penalty free withdrawal option. With the ability to withdraw up to 50% of the balance, you could have the peace of mind of accessing your money when you need it most2.

Extend Your Term

Take advantage of the prevailing rate when you extend your term by six (6) months or more3—this allows more time to build your investment to meet its maximum potential.

Share Certificate Dividend Rates

Share Certificate: TermAmount to OpenDividend RateAnnual Percentage Yield
31 Days$5000.02%0.02%
91 Days$5000.02%0.02%
182 Days$5000.10%0.10%
12 Months$5000.20%0.20%
18 Months$5000.20%0.20%
24 Months $5000.25%0.25%
30 Months $5000.25%0.25%
36 Months$5000.30%0.30%
48 Months$5000.30%0.30%
60 Months$5000.35%0.35%
72 Months$5000.40%0.40%

Rates effective December 1st, 2020

Take charge of your savings and invest in a Share Certificate today to maximize your earnings for tomorrow.

1 Options to add funds, conduct penalty-free withdrawals, or extend terms are not available for Individual Retirement Account (IRA) Share Certificates and Coverdell Education Savings Account (ESA) Certificates.

2 Optional, onetime penalty-free withdrawal of up to 50% of your balance. Share certificate holds may reduce the amount available for withdrawal. If you elect to apply the option and your withdrawal amount exceeds 50% of the balance, the amount above 50% is subject to an early withdrawal penalty. Other withdrawals may be subject to an early withdrawal penalty.  Penalties and withdrawals may reduce earnings.

3 To qualify for a term extension, the new term must extend the remaining term by at least six (6) months. The extended certificate will receive the prevailing dividend rate for the new term.