Money Market Accounts

Flexibility and higher dividend rates

Money market accounts are a bit like a savings account and a checking account combined. You get a higher interest rate than a standard savings account plus check-writing ability.

Choose one of our tiered accounts, where the dividend rate increases as your balance does, so you earn more when you save more, or choose one of the special money market accounts offered through our product bundles, which have even higher rates than our standard money market accounts.

Maximize your savings, and get more out of your membership.

Special money market accounts with our best rates are part of the package of benefits that come with membership in our Signal Direct Bundle or Signal Premium Bundle. Visit our Signal Bundles page for more information about Signal product and service bundles and their benefits to members.

Signal Direct Money Market Account [2]

Included with Signal Direct Bundle 

Minimum BalanceDividend RateAPY[1]

Signal Premium Money Market Account [3]

Included with Signal Premium Bundle 

Minimum BalanceDividend RateAPY[1]

Standard Money Market Account

Minimum BalanceDividend RateAPY[1]
$2,500.00 – $19,999.990.03%0.03%
$20,000.00 – $49,999.990.05%0.05%
$50,000.00 – $99,999.990.08%0.08%

Fees may reduce earnings on accounts.

1 APY=Annual Percentage Yield. You may make no more than six (6) transfers and withdrawals from your account to another account of yours or to a third party in any month by means of a preauthorized, automatic or Internet transfer, by telephonic order or instruction, or by check, draft, debit card or similar order.

2 Signal Direct Money Market Account included with enrollment in the Signal Direct bundle. Direct deposit enrollment is required for this bundle. Must be 18 years or older to qualify. Dividends are compounded monthly.

3 Signal Premium Money Market Account included with enrollment in the Signal Premium bundle. Dividends are compounded monthly.

Please see the Membership Disclosure for more information. If you have any questions or need current rate information on your accounts, please call 301-933-9100 x 298.