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Signal Smart™ Solutions

Helping you make smart financial decisions for today, and tomorrow.

Signal Smart Checking and Debit

Checking designed for your day-to-day with rewards designed for your tomorrow. Signal Smart Checking is our spending account that gives you perks every time you swipe.

Smart Savings: Savings for Today

Our high-yield savings account offers a high dividend rate of 4.008% APY1

Signal Smart Savings earns more than a traditional savings account and gives you the security of knowing you can access your funds whenever you need them.

  • No minimum balance
  • No transaction requirements
  • No monthly maintenance fees

Signal Smart Share Certificate: Saving for Tomorrow

With terms ranging from 6 to 60 months on our Signal Smart Share Certificates, you can earn 5.127% APY2

Signal Smart Share Certificates allow you to save for those long-term, or near long-term, goals.

Want to lock in a higher dividend rate for longer? Our 48 Month Share Certificate will earn you 4.268% APY2 with a fixed rate that will carry you into 2025, no matter how rates fluctuate next year.

Signal Smart Plus

Bank more with Signal and we’ll bank better with you. The Signal Smart Plus is our way of saying “Thanks” for choosing to bank more with Signal Financial. With added perks and more ways to earn and save, Signal Smart Plus has you covered.

Financial Management On-the-Go

From the metro, school play, or just in your living room, Signal’s online banking and mobile app lets you manage your finances anytime, anywhere.

  • Understand your spending in our Financial Wellness section
  • Create alerts, automatic transfers, and more
  • Set savings goals (complete with names and inspirational pictures!) to help motivate you to meet your goals

Boost Your Financial Know How

Join the credit union committed to helping you be Signal Smart about your finances.

Bank easier, bank faster, and bank better with Signal Financial Federal Credit Union.
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