Art in the City

A Revolving Art Exhibit Right In Your Community

NOTICE: Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the monthly Art in the City receptions at our City Center Branch are now held virtually. Check in periodically for updates.

We’re excited to partner with The Compass Atelier on a program that allows Master Artist Program students to showcase their paintings inside Signal Financials’ flagship branch at City Center, located in the heart of Washington, DC. Each month, the City Center branch morphs into a revolving art exhibit, giving the students a platform to display their visual artwork and be recognized among the community. New artists are highlighted each month, with an opening reception on the first Thursday of every month. Come by and enjoy music, light refreshments and complimentary beverages as we acknowledge and celebrate the artists of our very own community. Check back monthly to see which artist we’ll be featuring next.

Carol Buswell


After studying painting and drawing in college, Carol pursued a career in graphic design and has worked in printing, publishing, and e-commerce in various design in marketing roles. Her two career paths run concurrently, with fine artwork exhibited in numerous group, juried and solo shows, along with teaching painting, drawing, design classes and workshops. She is currently enrolled in the Master Artist Program at The Compass Atelier in Rockville, Maryland, expected to graduate in 2023.

Carol lives in Northern Virginia with her husband and their two children, two cats, and dog. When she’s not in the studio, she is either with her family, practicing yoga, or trying her best to enjoy each moment in life. 

Artist’s Statement 

“Life is but a series of small moments, with what’s coming instantly becoming what was. My art is an attempt to capture what is in the middle, the ever fleeting present. It is my way of processing the world, allowing me to find beauty in fleeting, mundane moments with ordinary objects, places, people and pets transformed into compositions by emphasizing formal artistic elements within the picture plane. All of my alla prima work is an attempt to manifest a moment onto a flat surface, to record what is happening. Plein air allows me to capture the memory of a location with each brushstroke.

Those little paintings always remind me of how I felt on those outings, who I was with, and the joy I felt painting them. Alla prima figure, portrait, and still life studies, are the studio equivalent, with each piece being a record of a painting session. Long session studio pieces are about the passage of time or the attempt to freeze a moment in time. Visible brush stokes are a reminder of the human element and the feeling of movement to my work.”- Carol Buswell

Spotlight featuring Carol Buswell

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