Updating eBanking login ID

Signal Financial is bringing new enhancements,

features and security to online and mobile banking.

As we upgrade our system to make banking more efficient for all members, your eBanking login ID will need to be updated.

For security purposes, please update your eBanking login ID to another username that does not include your account number or SSN.

Failure to update by Tuesday, August 16 will impact login and BillPay.

Step By Step Instructions

  • Login to your online banking account
  • Select “Options” in the top menu tab
  • Then, make sure the “Personal” button is selected in the sub menu tab

  • Scroll down to “Modify Login Information”

  • Next, enter your new eBanking login ID under the current eBanking login ID
  • To complete the request, click submit (Please note that you do NOT need to change your password and all other fields should be blank.)
  • An information message will appear on the top of the screen: “Your new eBanking Username alias has been activated”

Username requirements are as follows:

  • Alphanumeric characters (A-Z and 0-9) only. No special characters are allowed.
  • Must be 8-12 characters in length.
  • Do NOT include your account number or SSN in your username.