Signal Financial Charitable Foundation, Inc.

The mission of the Signal Financial Charitable Foundation, Inc. (the Foundation) is to advance financial literacy and individual empowerment through nurturing support and creation of financial programs focused on the strengthening of under served communities; and to develop relationships via charitable events and contributions that foster locally relevant solutions centered around credit education and financial literacy.

1. Educational Programs.

The Foundation intends to bring together community participants to learn together in workshops and lectures about personal finance and good financial practices. The Foundation hopes to grow the attendance of these workshops/lectures to about 15-20 people per session who would hear and share the latest information on personal finance and good financial management and practices. This activity is anticipated to be the Foundation’s primary activity and largest source of annual revenue (other than contributions).

The Foundation will run these workshops/lectures as traditional, interactive, face-to-face learning opportunities. Workshops/lectures typically will run 2 to 4 hours and feature general sessions as well as workshops and learning labs. Classes will be taught by finance experts with years of experience. Instructors and topics will be chosen or approved by the Foundation’s Board of Directors and selections will be driven by the Foundation Conflict of Interest Policy.

Typical Foundation courses* will include:

  • Understanding Credit
  • Managing Your Budget
  • First Time Home Owners
  • Business Banking for Small Business
  • Employability Skills (interviewing, resume writing and review, etc.)
  • Purchasing a New Car, What to Know?
  • Building and Rebuilding Credit
  • Understanding Investment Options for Beginners
  • Understanding Social Security and Retirement Planning
  • and College Planning

To publicize these activities, the Foundation plans to develop public relations campaigns, marketing materials, communication messages, and news articles, all on personal finance and good financial management and practices. This activity includes the creation of not only social media messages, but also communications via mobile devices and other sources to support the common goal of sharing information to educate people within the community about personal finance and good financial practice and management.

2. Sponsoring Charitable Programs within the Community.

The Foundation hopes to act as a sponsor for various charitable activities within the communities in which the Foundation operates. These activities include donation drives, local charity golf tournaments, back-to-school drives, pet friendly health drives and opportunities to feed and support the homeless within the communities in which the Foundation operates.

Both the educational activities and the charitable sponsorship activities directly advance the mission of the Foundation stated above. Due to the coronavirus epidemic, the Foundation has not commenced any activities to date, but plans to commence operations in 2022.


The Signal Financial Charitable Foundation, Inc.  is a recently formed, Maryland nonprofit organization.  It is in the process of applying for tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code as a charitable organization.  If the IRS approves the Foundation’s application, your contribution to the Foundation will be deductible as a charitable contribution to the extent provided by law.  The Foundation will keep you apprised of the status of its application for tax exempt status with the IRS.

* The Foundation may charge a nominal fee for these educational activities.