Furlough Assistance

Here for our members during difficult times.


Signal is here to help members impacted by the federal government shutdown.

While the government may be shut down, we’re open and ready to give assistance to members who are furloughed1. We understand this is out of your control, so let us relieve some of your stress and put you in control of your finances.

Among the ways we can help:

Furlough Advance — we will advance 90% of your monthly direct deposit2 with Signal Financial to help you continue your monthly obligations during the shutdown.

      • No credit check required
      • No fees will be charged
      • 0% Annual Percentage Rate

Loan Deferment — we will consider requests to defer payments for eligible auto and personal loans3 during the furlough period. No fees will be charged.

Fee waivers — we will consider waiving overdraft, late, or other fees related to the loss of income4 .

Let’s work through this together. If you are a government employee affected by the shutdown, give us a call at 301-933-9100 ext. 298 or email us at memberservice@signalfinancialfcu.org.


1 These services are available only to members directly affected by the U.S. Government shutdown/furlough and will no longer be offered once the government reopens. The offer may be adjusted or extended based on future developments and the length of the shutdown.

2 To be eligible for a Furlough Advance, must be a member in good standing and have six (6) or more prior direct deposits to a Signal Financial FCU account. Money advanced will be repaid from the direct deposit of retroactive pay once the shutdown ends. If retroactive payment is not authorized by Congress, the advance will convert after 90 days to an installment loan of up to 12 months.

3 Loan Deferment is not available for mortgage loans, home equity loans, lines of credit, or credit cards. Please contact the credit union for more information about which loans are eligible.

4 Fee waivers will be decided on case-by-case basis. Only fees incurred during the shutdown and/or as a result of income lost due to furlough will be considered for waiver.