Top 5 good quality cars for a great price

When you’re about to spend your hard-earned money on a new car, it’s tempting to save money by going for the car with the lowest price. However, that cheap car can end up costing you in the long run. The low-price tag might conceal high insurance costs, require frequent repairs, or have you spending hundreds […]

What you need to know for this year’s tax season

  From an increase in people working from home resulting in deduction questions, to the tax status of stimulus checks, small-business loans, and other forms of financial assistance, this year’s tax season could cause an extra headache. The IRS will begin accepting and processing tax returns for the 2020 tax year on Feb 12, nearly […]

2021 Money Saving Challenge!

  Lets be honest, we could all use some extra money. By setting financial goals and participating in a money savings challenge, you can set yourself up for financial success. The beginning of a new year is a great time to start one of these challenges. You can make your money-savings challenge the ultimate goal for […]

Tips for 2020’s Holiday Shopping Season

2020’s holiday shopping season will be one for the books. Due to changes in consumer preferences and economic situations as a result of the global pandemic we’re currently battling, holiday shopping this year will be unlike any other holiday shopping season prior. While a recent McKinsey report predicts a 25% net decrease in holiday shopping intent this 2020 […]

Businesses thriving in the pandemic

The first two quarters of 2020 were a historically dark time for the U.S. economy, as COVID-19 seized normal operations everywhere. Many businesses will not reopen, and many employees will not return to their jobs. According to The National Bureau of Economic Research  42% of the recent COVID-19-related layoffs will become permanent. Uncertainty forces change, and […]

Tips on keeping your home network safe

October happens to be Cybersecurity Awareness month, and ironically there has been an increase in the number of incidents in which hackers have targeted smart devices and home networks. This is even more troublesome as more and more people have been using such networks as they have been working remotely due to the pandemic. If […]

4 Reasons why you should buy a car soon

March was an extremely difficult month for the auto industry. Car sales fell by an unprecedented 27% in the first quarter. Shelter-in-place and stay-at-home mandates due to the pandemic made it more challenging to sell new cars in most areas of the country. As the auto industry looks to rebound from a tumultuous start, those […]

Back-to-School Budgeting Tips

August marks the beginning of the back-to-school season, which is a time of anticipation and excitement as students look forward to embarking on the journey of a new scholastic year. For parents, this time can be extremely stressful if they haven’t prepared financially for back-to-school shopping. 2020 will put an additional twist on this already […]

4 Tips on shifting your Money Mindset

  A person’s mentality has a lot to do with how successful they are or will be in many facets in life. When it comes to money this is no different. For those of us who have a negative outlook on money, you may have developed a “scarcity mindset”, and you’ll find yourself always focusing […]

Financial Awareness Day 2020

August 14th is National Financial Awareness Day. Diving deep into the ins-and-outs of your personal financial situation can be intimidating for some, however it is essential to your overall wellness that you have some idea of what is going on with your financial picture. If you aren’t too knowledgeable of your current financial landscape, you’re […]