Money in gift box 5 Tips For Controlling Holiday Spending

The holidays are here, and so is extensive shopping for the perfect gifts. Avoid the headache and stress of losing control of your spending this season with these five helpful tips.

Women with credit card shopping online Tips for Safe Online Shopping

Before you do any online shopping, be sure to check out these tips to ensure you’re shopping safely and securely.

Woman getting into a car she just purchased while salesman hands her the key 6 Tips for Car Buyers

Before you go out to purchase a new or used vehicle, take the time to plan ahead. Having a sense of what you can afford and what you’re looking for will save you time and money.


We know we need to be careful online, but how many of us have seriously thought about it more than changing our passwords from time to time and not clicking on strange-looking emails? Far too many people are still using easily cracked passwords and not paying enough attention to staying safe online. Fortunately most security […]

Man on sofa holding credit card Pay down credit card debt strategically

If you’re keeping balances from month to month on several credit cards, you’re likely stuck in a loop of high-interest debt that limits your financial options and eats up valuable income. Maybe you’re trying but getting nowhere—in which case, you may need to assess your current strategy. Find out more about two of the recommended strategies for tackling your credit card balances, and decide which one might work for you.

Thermostat with the word "SAVE" on screen and a small winter hat on top. Tips for staying warm this winter

The frigid cold gripping most of the US recently looks like it will be with us for a little longer, which means staying warm will be tougher than usual. We share some ideas we’ve found for staying well-prepared for the coldest weather this winter—and most of these tips won’t cost you much money or time!

Online security image of lock on keyboard Protecting yourself from identity theft and fraud

There are a few different options available to you to protect your personal data from being stolen or from being used for fraud (if already stolen) by hackers. Signal cannot give advice on what members should do, but we suggest members do some research and consider the pros and cons of each available option.

a young man writing Banking is about to get faster

Technological improvements have led to instant service in a lot of areas of our lives in recent years, including banking. All this technological improvement and sped-up timing have obvious upsides. But convenience has a downside as well: sometimes the pace gets to be faster than we are used to keeping track of.

For instance, in the past both the mail and check or payment processing took a couple of days, which some people might have found themselves relying on if they weren’t keeping good track of their account balances. That lag is about to go away.

Mother hugging teenage son as he packs for college and he is embarassed Preparing Your Kids to Manage Money in College

The season is upon us when we’re getting graduation announcements and invitations. That also means that a lot of these kids will be preparing to go to college. There are a lot of financial pressures for a kid who’s new to the college environment that can amount to a financial burden that many college kids can’t bear. As parents, there are things you can do to help your college-bound offspring to manage their money effectively.

a young woman doing her taxes on a laptop 5 Common Tax Mistakes You Can Avoid

Some tax mistakes can turn into very costly headaches. Not taking the time to double-check that you signed your tax forms is one mistake. Can you guess the others?