3 simple ways to protect your money from fraud and hackers

You may have heard about the Wawa data breach where customer data was compromised during a malware attack. A reported 30 million debit and credit card records were taken. The breach started around the time of March 4, 2019 and was contained by December 12, 2019.  However, a spokesperson from Wawa released a statement on […]

Save yourself from the holiday bill blues

The holidays are over and done… or so you thought. A sobering reminder of how costly the month of December can be is when your credit card statement comes in with a total that includes all your holiday purchases and they amount to more than what you originally planned to spend. If you’re not sure where […]

How to reach your money-saving goals by writing a budget

The only way to truly stick to any goal is by writing it down. Whether it’s writing a strict grocery list or a to-do list for the day. Writing your goals down will help you get things accomplished. The same goes for sticking to a budget.  “You are 42 percent more likely to achieve your […]

digital wallet payment You can now tap to pay… all day

Great news for all Signal Financial Visa® credit card holders: you can now add your Signal Visa® card to your digital wallet and start using Apple Pay today! Here’s how to get set up:   STEP 1: With your credit card in hand, go to the Wallet app on your iPhone and tap the + button […]