ad image of train tracks with vanishing point with tagline "to get where you want to go, you have to get on the train first." Get where you want to go

It’s easy to think you’ll just wait to save until it feels like you have money to spare, but then the end of the month comes too soon. Instead of waiting for someday, get started building your future today. With a Direct Money Market Account, you get a super-high dividend rate on your first dollar and every dollar after that — we can’t make it much easier to save than that!

crazed woman grabbing shredded paper with tagline "shred it and forget it" Signal’s Shred Day is June 24th!

Protect your identity and de-clutter your life at our June Shred Day! Clean Cut Shredding will be at our Kensington, MD headquarters to shred your sensitive paper documents! Bring 2 boxes (maximum) of your documents to be securely shredded for FREE and have some fun in the process. This event is open to members and non-members.

5 happy young people hanging out in the sunshine Upcoming Events in June

Come into one of our branches in June to learn about home buying and selling, retirement planning, improving your credit, and more!