Man calculating his bills Improve Your Budgeting Skills

Setting up a budget is an essential part of financial planning, no matter where you are in life. Good financial discipline can open up opportunities you wouldn’t have had if you’d spent freely. We list the steps to go through in creating your budget, along with a worksheet to help you get started.

girl at computer covering her face with her hands 4 Easy Things You’re Not Doing to Protect Yourself Online

It’s hard to believe that with all the steps we’re taking to protect our information, thieves still find ways around, but they do. Here are some easy things you’re probably not doing that can help protect your accounts and valuable information.

Credit card security chip What’s so different about EMV Chip Cards?

Card fraud has jumped in recent years, and issuers, including Signal Financial, have begun migrating to EMV chip cards to help improve security for their customers. But what are chip cards?

ATM skimmer Card Skimming: How to spot it and protect yourself

While Signal Financial FCU takes fraud seriously and work daily to prevent it, members must also play an active role in preventing fraud. See the information and tips below to learn how to guard your accounts from skimming, one of the most common types of fraud. This type of card fraud jumped 546% from 2014 to 2015, according to FICO.

napkin with a financial plan written on it The Three Ingredients of Financial Success

You can find, on nearly every financial website, suggestions on how to develop and maintain good financial organization and discipline.

the words Home improvement with various tools around it Home Repairs: To DIY . . . Or NOT to DIY

People are always looking to save money any way they can, especially on home repairs. But is going the do-it-yourself route instead of paying a professional for home maintenance and repair projects always the best bet?

money falling onto man from sky Tax Refund on the Way? Things to Do with Your Refund!

If the numbers lined up in your favor this year, and you’ll be getting a refund, be sure to put it to good use. Extra money in your checking account can magically disappear unless you have a plan!

IRS tax forms Some Last-Minute Tax Time Tips for Easy Filing

No one enjoys filling out their tax returns. Let’s face it – if it’s not the hassle of finding all the W2s from each employer, then it’s gathering up the receipts. Tax season can be very cumbersome. Here are some tips to smooth out the process:

Crook standing on computer "fishing" for passwords Ransomware Scam Alive and Well! Don’t Click!

Ransomware is a type of malware that prevents you from using your computer until you pay a certain amount of money. It’s essentially extortion, with all the data on your computer at risk unless you pay.

February is American Heart Month February Is American Heart Month

DID YOU KNOW THAT HEART DISEASE CLAIMS THE LIVES OF ONE IN FOUR AMERICANS? Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women. The good news is that one-fourth of all heart disease deaths are preventable and you can take proactive steps towards a healthy heart.